Extra Points for Guessing

Daily Prompt The Sincerest Form of Flattery Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

“And it will be like this forever.”


“Even when you look at me like that?”


“What about the goldfish?”

“They, too. They will be fine. Everything will be fine.”

“The kittens?”

“Yes. They will be fine. And the bulls are fine.”

“What about boxing? Will you fight again?”

“I will fight again, if the opponent is worthy and I am fit, and I am always fit.”

“Even when it is very late and everyone is gone?”

“Especially then. In those moments of dark loneliness a man must show grace under pressure.”

The streetlight splashed yellow circles on the wet sidewalk outside the cafe. Paris was always like this but this wasn’t Paris. He mixed water with his absinthe and thought of what he must say now.

“When I leave, you must pretend not to mind, for that is courage.”

“Yes.” She stirred her drink.

“Waiter!” he called to the narrow-hipped Spaniard who shuttled between the often empty tables. “Two more.”



17 thoughts on “Extra Points for Guessing

      • Success, although I really never tried to copy his style. Mr. Swiss likes his style, I find it too basic and simple. I like a bit of excitement in my books.

      • He wrote some other good books and some amazing short stories. I read Old Man and the Sea in 9th grade and thought it was the dumbest book on the planet. When I was 27 and had lost a few in life I thought it was the most brilliant book ever written.

  1. When you got to the absinthe, I thought “Toulouse- Lautrec?” Then I looked at the picture and thought “impressionist … Renoir? Monet? But it sounds like Hemingway … Hm.”

  2. The mention of a bull was a hint, along with the Spaniard waiter, but I found the answer the nonliterary person’s way: by googling “Grace under Pressure”……will think of Hemingway as I walk through Pamplona in September!

    • I love Hemingway’s definition of courage. I think it’s beautiful, poetic and correct — and difficult to achieve. I mean, the word “grace” is already hard to understand.

  3. Well that was delightfully oblique. Loved the running inquiry about goldfish and kittens. This really hit a spot…I’m not sure where…but it definitely hit.

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