…The Same Old Song

Daily Prompt Always Something There to Remind Me A song comes on the radio and instantly, you’re transported to a different time and place. Which song(s) bring back memories for you and why? Be sure to mention the song, and describe the memory it evokes.

Today’s prompt evokes the memory of this prompt last year, and I can’t top it. So here it is! Enjoy!

I was driving to school. I had — by many peoples’ standards — a long drive. 30 miles. It was early morning — about 6:40 — and there wasn’t much traffic, but there were the usual a-holes who have to tailgate and those who must drive slow in the fast lane. I’m guilty of both. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes without knowing it, sometimes without being able to do anything about it. I try to be kind since there’s no point in anything else, though I have flipped off a few people in my day and I did chase a guy down the freeway once, stopping when I realized that I am only a 5 foot lady, at that time in my mid-fifties. Not a formidable opponent. Just a silly woman.

There is no paint on the radio buttons in my car. I have choices, an iPod and a CD player, but I like the radio, Mohammed’s Radio (thank you Warren Zevon), especially on a tedious drive to school. I half believe spirits are going to deliver messages to me through that thing. One of the bare buttons links me to the classical radio station. Approaching the exit that will take me to school and a drive through a seedy part of a seedy San Diego suburb, hearing ads for mattresses and stuff to grow hair and early-morning lobotomized radio yammer, I push the classical music button. My eyes fill with tears. The piano is in the living room, against my bedroom wall. I’m 9 or 10. My dad is pounding the keys. He has never been taught and he sounds like Spike Jones meets the London Symphony. “Do you know what that is, MAK?” my dad had asked me once. “That’s ‘Song of India’ by Rimsky-Korsakov. Can you hear the orient in the music?” I nodded, but how could I have heard the orient in the music? I was nine. “Here, listen.”


3 thoughts on “…The Same Old Song

  1. Hi. I couldn’t help myself. I just had to read this. Something to do with Mem’ries, lah-de-dah-dee-dee-dah… Saw your cat site. Wow. Childhood. Something else altogether. Like your site. I am http:hwbrycethe writer.com and I don’t know how people find me there, as Usually I write on http://hwbrycewrites.com. And I forgot to click all those mysterious little buttons I should have. Anyway, really enjoyed my little journey into your world.

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