WHAT???????? I’m NOT the Highlander?

Daily Prompt Finite Creatures At what age did you realize you were not immortal? How did you react to that discovery?

My dad had a progressive incurable disease. I grew up with death. I always knew I was not immortal.

To see which Christopher Lambert photo I posted last October (the day I moved into my new house in Colorado!), here’s a thoughtfully considered response that looks at the development of the human brain. “If I Only Had a Brain.”




7 thoughts on “WHAT???????? I’m NOT the Highlander?

  1. I don’t think I would have liked to have been Christopher Lambert’s wife in the film. She was fairly ancient eventually with grey hair and all the golden oldie trimmings and he still looked as fresh as a daisy.

    • I’m not but I wonder about Dude and Lamont, though they seem to go through numerous species in their multitude of incarnations. Even they wouldn’t write this prompt…

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