Red, Red Robins

Daily Prompt Lookin’ Out My Back Door Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.

Until about a week ago, this is what I saw out my back door — I saw everything. I saw her build this nest (she had a hard time at first) in a perfect spot to protect her eggs from rain, wind and predators. I saw her out on the wire looking for love. I saw her FIND love. I saw her sit on this nest for a long time and every time I went out the back door and startled her, I said, “Sorry little mommy.” After a while, she was seldom startled. I was watching when the first one hatched. I saw her change position and no longer really sit ON the nest. I saw her frantically trying to keep up with feeding the little ones. I saw the little ones go from plug ugly pin-feathered wannabe birds to these cute little almost-ready-now. And, on the very last day, the very last one looked at me through my laundry room window and I said to him, “Don’t even think about it,” meaning “Don’t fly in this direction.” Not long after that, he was gone, too.

I miss them.

11 thoughts on “Red, Red Robins

  1. For two years, we had a family of robins nesting on our deck. They never got used to us, though, so for the entire time they were there, we used ever other door in the house, but never went out the back door … except at the very end, to say good bye to the fledglings before they went off to be grownup birds. It was nice hosting the little families.

  2. The nesting season is now finished here. I had a bird nest on my wall next to the garden a few years ago. I have to be careful making my place too much birdnest friendly as the felines are just waiting for a laid place at the dinner table. Wonderful photo and I love you description.

    • Yeah — as my former mother-in-law said, “If you have cats, you won’t have birds.” I had cats and no birds. Lily was just like a cat with birds; I saw her jump up and grab birds out of the air if they flew low enough. They soon learned.

  3. l enjoyed reading about the family of robins. They nest in central Texas but are found only in selected areas. My place is very wooded and I don’t think they are fond of too many trees. Plus there are hawks and owls around.

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