No It Isn’t… (Warning. The F word is used twice)

Daily Prompt Grand Slam In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

Dear Ben Huberman and Other Careless Construers of the Daily Prompt:

For the last time, in baseball, a Grand Slam is a home run that brings in FOUR batters. It’s an incontrovertible homerun hit with three men on base. You fucked this up last year and you’ve fucked it up again. I know I and others attempted to correct you.

I can’t believe you presume to explain this to people.

Not only that, a team can have a grand slam homerun and STILL lose the game.

It’s also a featured breakfast at Dennys.

Here is a link to what I wrote last year.

I spent a LOT of time on that post last year and did research to help you out. I even posted a video of my favorite baseball player of all time hitting a home run and I gave you a statistical chart of grand slams in history. The breakfast picture is almost the same because this is the ONLY response possible to this dumbass prompt.

13 thoughts on “No It Isn’t… (Warning. The F word is used twice)

  1. There was one with a typo that still was not corrected when it came ’round a second time (I and a couple others caught it and remarked on it in our posts. Along with this, there are probably others fraught with errors). Methinks they’ve put the prompt repeats on automatic reschedule. Clearly they’ve never looked back since first posting. Ironic.

  2. Congratulations, I love your expressive way to tell them. Is Ben Huberman still there or is it his ghost? I just love those onomatopoeia words that sound like they really mean something. I do not understand baseball and I probably never will if people make mistakes when writing about it.

  3. I think he was (loosely) referring to a walk-off homer that wins the game, like the two fro Ortiz that clinched a couple of series game for the Sox in ’04 and ’07. Much as I dislike Ben Huberman (and I do, really), he corrected himself. A grand slam is a base clearer and may not win the game, especially if it comes early enough for the opposing team to get in a few good shots of their own. But a walk-off homer is, by definition, a come-from-behind-game-finisher. Sorry. We are a baseball house here.

  4. Love this. You tell’em Martha. I’m not sure why bloggers do those stupid prompts. “For the heck of it I guess or the challenge or both. I’m a baseball fan also but, have lost touch with the game for a number of years. In my little ole opinion, It’s the only game that makes sense.

    • I do the prompts for the heck of it and sometimes I’ve gotten some good work as a result. I agree with you about baseball. I love the game and wanted to go pro (when I was 11). 🙂

  5. I totally agree with you, I even wrote about this and explained what my personal victory would be, giving each man on base a different meaning, a different aspect that -if I hit the home run- would BRING ALL PLAYERS HOME.

    You go, girl!

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