Memories of Prompts that Went Before

Daily Prompt Memory on the Menu Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

“Nostalgia is a curse.”

“What, Lamont?”

“It wasn’t better back then. It was just different. In However Many Years of Solitude Marquez wrote about a town that died of nostalgia. I never forgot that point. My mom, too. She died of ‘what should’ve been’. I’m sure it happens all the time.”

“Didn’t you write this prompt last year?”

“Oh yeah, I did. Here’s the post. And it’s actually me. I think it might have been one of my earliest blogs.”

“It doesn’t sound like you.”

“No, not really. Well, anyway you slice it, life is strange. But I agree with the bathroom in Muddy Waters of the Platte; ‘Pee Here Now’ Satre.”

“Don’t you mean Sartre?”

“It’s a joke, Dude.”

“Muddy Waters of the Platte. C’mon, Lamont, THOSE were the good old days.”

“They were. I’ll give you that, still nothing last forever but the earth and sky.”

“I hate that song.”

“Me too.”

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