Lamont and Dude Ponder Posterity

Daily Prompt Don’t You Forget About Me Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone.


“Lamont! ‘S’up?”

“Oh, not much.”

“We haven’t tackled one of these in a while. Why this one?”

“If anyone has anything to say on this subject it’s us. Posterity. What a crock! Remember that time you were famous?”

“Yeah, THAT was embarrassing.”

“EMBARRASSING? I thought you liked it.”

“It had its good points, but in the end, no one really knew ME, you know? It was something else. Fame is its own punishment.”

“No pleasing you, Dude.”

“After I became famous a couple of things happened, Lamont. First, I didn’t get to surf nearly as much and hardly ever alone, those sweet early morning hours alone with the waves. I was owned by others. Then I was lucky enough to grow old and THAT was humiliating, right? ‘He’s lost his edge’ and ‘Time he turned in his Sex Wax and let the youngsters take over’ that kind of crap. Well, first of all, Sex Wax — good stuff — wasn’t even invented until I’d retired. Second, there’s a big difference between hanging ten on a ten foot board and what kids were starting to do on those… Well, never mind. In a way, it was a different sport.”


“But you were getting too old to compete at that level. The body doesn’t last forever, Dude.”

“Teaching grandma to suck eggs there, Lamont. I mean, like, DUH.

“You know, I NEVER understood that grandma suck eggs expression.”

“It means you’re trying to tell an experienced person how to do a simple, obvious thing they’ve done all their lives and I agree. It doesn’t make sense.”

“But you were still famous in the 70s, right?”

“I wasn’t riding. Too stove up by then. But they’d trot me out for those weekend nostalgia film screenings and I’d sit in the audience of the La Paloma there in Encinitas with the other old timers in our Hawaiian shirts and Flojos. I swear to god those kids thought we surfed in a black and white world.”

La Paloma Theater in Encinitas Web

“Didn’t your pal get paralyzed in a surfing accident?”

“Yeah. A wave broke his spine. He started building woodies after that, right? Isn’t that how you met him?”

“Yeah. He had a 49 Ford I bought for some weird reason, probably to keep the one in my backyard company. Cool guy. Did all kinds of heavy engine work from a wheel chair.”

“Now THAT guy shoulda’ been famous.”

“But you were remembered after you kicked it, right? I mean posterity remembers you?”

“No. Maybe once a year when they drag out those old films for a ‘Classic Surf Film Festival’, somebody will point and say, ‘Dude, isn’t that Dude?’ but that’s it. I don’t even have a Wikipedia entry.”

“Is that OK with you? Because we could fix that Wikipedia thing right now.”

“Why should I care? I’m a different person now, I mean, you know, like LITERALLY. I don’t even remember what my whole name was. I learned my lesson, anyway. When I was a kid in this iteration, and took my board out there at Sunset, I didn’t try to be the best. I just went out to have a good time.”

Here’s a thoughtful and well-considered response to this prompt I wrote last year.

4 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Ponder Posterity

  1. Now that was very good showing that one day you are famous, known, celebrated and a short time later it is all forgotten, like yesterdays newspaper sort of thing. I wonder what will happend to our daily prompt thingies one day, will they be found in a hundred years and reprinted. We might become famous then.

    • My pleasure. I liked Huntington Beach — it was the first Pacific Ocean beach I went to when I was just a little kid. Later on it was a place where a friend lived, so that was cool to visit. Most of the surfing I saw was in La Jolla, Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs. I love the sport.

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