Daily Prompt Turn, Turn, Turn Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

I may have atypical seasonal affective disorder, I don’t know, but summer has never been my favorite season. I can’t remember not feeling pressured by something in summer; I can’t remember not feeling like a huge failure in summer. Summer is like a 3 month long Christmas with its absurd expectations that never pan out. Living in California it was easy to dislike summer — summer was the season when it was too hot to hike in the middle of the day and the rattlesnakes were out in the late afternoon and early morning, not that I ever hiked in the early morning. Late afternoon for me. Why would any rational person hike when the day is just going to get HOTTER the light would blast white, when they could hike when the day is going to get cooler as time passes, and the light would change to something golden and beautiful?

I basically just endure summer — traveling somewhere makes it more bearable, and I’ve just filled out the application to renew my passport. I got my photo, too. It says “winter” if anything ever did.

12 thoughts on “Summer

    • I’ve always hated summer. I think it’s worse when one has diminished physical ability — I can’t just pack up and head for the hills like I could 15 years ago and that’s depressing. I’ve about figured it out, though. I’m eliminating stuff that steals energy or that I find emotionally challenging. I’m going to go on little day excursions in this new place where I live instead of trying to get into the life of my town. I am not sure I want in the life of my town. I assumed I did, but my forays have been not that positive. I might still be sick of people from all those years of teaching. 😉

      • I can understand the social thing. It’s good that you have learned what is draining and how best to cope. You have excellent insight which has taken you far. A day excursion sounds very nice.

        Making adjustments to one’s limitations is depressing and I for one can attest to the sadness. Until one can essentially digest what has happened to body changes it is depressing as hell.

        I worked for many years with lots of different personalities as well and I’m very content at home with my animals who keep me more than occupied.

        I love the outdoors too but many allergies and my stamina prevent me from going on walks or hikes, so I walk on my property when it’s cooler after sunset. 🙂

  1. I used to be a Summer person, enjoying the sun and everything to do with it, but in my grey years I am more comfortable with spring and Autumn. somehow the body copes better.

    • I think there is a lot to be said for the moderate seasons. I love fall and I enjoy winter. Spring? I haven’t experienced one in a long time. This year was my first real spring in 30 years. I found it strange but I think I’ll like the next one. I’ve also decided to go back to traveling in summer next year. I am turning in my passport application today. 🙂 That was really the best part of summer for me, going to Europe and getting exposure to a different world and experiences.

  2. These days, although summer isn’t my favorite season, winter is definitely my un-favorite season. I’ve never been big on beaches, sand, sun, or super hot weather. Or the stifling humidity we get here in New England. Nonetheless, as long as I don’t have to shovel it or scrape it off my windshield, I can handle it. Anything but 10 feet of snow and below zero temps.

    • When it last too long at a time, winter is hell. This past one was a hellish winter for you. I hate summer because I feel I’m supposed to have a good time in the way other people do.

  3. What a great, concise way of expressing the negatives of summer. THe expectations! I teach middle-school… so EVERYTHING is put off until summer. I have a “project” scheduled every three-to-four days this summer. Yes, it was supposed to be some time off? I get that on sick days?

    • When I was teaching, I usually only got a month off in summer and I went somewhere great like Italy for that month. It was tremendously rejuvenating and relieved me of the expectations. Then I got a few summers off — very confusing. It was supposed to be great but it wasn’t great. It was work and catching up and prepping for fall. I was much better off with a clear month of NO expectations and then back to work. This is my first summer retired and now I’m living in an agricultural community that is VERY tied to seasons. I find the mentality of the people — even those who aren’t farmers — is also tied to seasons. People hibernate in winter and in summer it’s an intense rush.

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