…Strange Land…

Daily Prompt Blogger in a Strange Land What’s the strangest place from which you’ve posted to your blog? When was the last time you were out and about, and suddenly thought, “I need to write about this!”?

Dear friends — I will not be writing as often on this blog as I have been. I’ve tried to maintain some interest in these prompts, but I just don’t have that much any more. I don’t know if it’s that there are other things going on or if the prompts really are boring. It’s a poor workman blames his tools, anyway. Even Lamont and Dude couldn’t do much with this one. Maybe it’s because it’s summer, or maybe??? I just don’t know.

Fewer people are reading my blog — I just figure they have lives, too, or my posts are as tedious to readers as the prompts are to me. Also, few of the people I follow show up in my reader — and having checked recently to see if they were still on the planet, it appears that WP just doesn’t put them in my reader so they probably figure I’m not reading them, either.

Anyway, I’ll be around, but not as much just so you know I’m OK and there is nothing wrong.

Ciao for now.


21 thoughts on “…Strange Land…

  1. I say keep at it. Write every day. If not here, elsewhere. Readership IS sluggish lately. I’ve seen that on the view counts posted on various blogs I frequent. I think everyone is trying out new ideas, refining their own writing. Who can say? The WP community, while wonderful, requires commitment as well — The whole, you read mine, and I’ll read yours sort of thing. I enjoy it, but I feel like you in that it’s not the writing but the prompts that don’t generate much interest from anyone (Who wants to read about the strangest place where one has blogged? Seriously?). On my end, I’m immersed in writing away from my blog, trying to figure out this novel-writing business, coming up with new ideas, reading a TON of submissions for an upcoming anthology. I’ve also noticed that while my readership numbers are constantly going up and down per day, the majority of the folks who come to my blog to “skim” or “read” anything are seeking out answers or info on sociopolitical and/or pop culture trends (mine have to do with film and television). I’ve received more hits on my pop culture writing than I have with my personal writing for sure. It’s surface-level interest, I realize, but it’s interesting to see.

  2. Hi Martha!

    Just a note to let you know that I love your posts, even if you’re finding the prompts a bit dull. I’m not checking my emails or the blogs I’m following much this summer because I decided to “take the summer off the internet” as much as possible. But I do check from time to time, and your posts are always fun to read.

    Susannah’s Journey is down for the summer too, as I try to wean myself away from the hours I got into the habit of spending, sitting on my butt in front of the computer. I find it so easy to while away hours and hours without even noticing, it’s downright scary.

    So now that I’m officially “off” line, what am I doing? Reading, deep housecleaning, reading, downsizing, reading, painting walls (eventually), and reading some more. Oh well, if the reading means I’m once again spending hours on my butt, at least the rest of it gets me moving around.

    Cheers, and Happy Summer!

  3. Martha, I don’t blame you for quitting the prompts. I did a month or so ago, and took a hit on my numbers. But every once in a while I post something outrageous and my numbers go up. LOL But I’ll miss you so don’t be a stranger!

    • I’ll be around. I’m just not going to write things I don’t want to write just to write them. That seems kind of silly, actually. I think there was a time when I was learning something from it but at the moment, no…

  4. I love your writing and this site, but I understand only approximately 100%. But I will be looking for whatever you write and publish. I’ve been finding it difficult to take my usual slight angle approach to the prompts lately (since the start of the year, really), so I have been revisiting previous essays, which has its merits, but I have become lazy about it. My readership is down, as well. “The strangest place I’ve ever blogged”? From inside this brain!

    • I had that thought too, Mark. My first reaction to the prompt was, “I am the strangest place I’ve ever blogged.” 🙂 But, I’m not going away, just backing off for a while. I have a lot going on — the Historical Novel Society conference is in 3 weeks, my novel is with my editor and she’ll be sending it back soon, and I’m trying to amass an inventory of paintings since I’m going to have some opportunities to show (and maybe sell) in the next couple of months. My brain is too occupied to write a cool short story on this blog at the moment …

  5. I have daily problems with what to write on this prompt stuff. Perhaps it is the lazy hazy days of summer which are now with us. As I mix with strange people in strange places that speak strange languages and do strange things, I always seem to find something strange to write about. I am a regular visitor here. In any case perhaps see you some time between Zürich and Solothurn one day – I hope.

    • I’m not going to stop writing here, just not every day. I really hope to see you in CH too! I was thinking about that this morning — that I just need to make an appointment to get my passport. 🙂

  6. Boooo, Hiss:0)). I hope you’ll post NON-daily-prompt things when you have the inclination. I so enjoy your voice, Martha. I know it’s not a reason to keep writing on here, but it would be nice to hear what you’re thinking now and again!

  7. The prompts suck. I hate when I fall for it and waste time trying to write about something I don’t really care about.
    Yours is one of the blogs I always look forward to reading.

  8. Jut too little time to respond to everything that comes in, though I do try to read most. It’s either working, writing short stories and getting on with my novel, and producing material for a writing organisation I’m a member of, or replying to blog posts. It’s a question of juggling, and sadly there’s no time for everything.

  9. Don’t know if WP is punishing me for backing off by not putting me on people’s readers, or whether my occasional appearances have hit a new low of boring, but readership is certainly scanty these days. Have a great summer producing fabulous novels and artworks!

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