4 thoughts on “South China

  1. My experience is that every country has its smells, although I do not know the Chinese smell, but I can imagine the air being filled with the fragrences of its herbs, especially ginger

    • I’m sure China, where I lived, anyway, is a lot less smelly than it was 30 years ago, but I’m sure ginger still scents the air. Everyone cooks with it and the flowers are so fragrant. China was a total sensory experience.

  2. Nice! Those Red Rockers sound like the 1980’s – I see this song is from 1981 (I thought they were Duran Duran for a second).

    The first time we went to Paris, we arrived in the morning and since it was too early to check into the hotel, we sat at the Fontaines des Innocents outside Les Halles and just took it all in. I’d assumed that the fresh, floral scent that seemed to be all over Paris was from the perfumeries. Years later, I bought my first bottle of Febreeze and realized that the smell was from the hotels being cleaned in the mornings:0)).

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