Three Changes

Daily Prompt Dear Leader If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

I’d like to see THREE changes:

  • Term limits for all representatives (both houses)
  • The institution of a “white vote,” meaning a blank ballot for use by voters who have no confidence in any of candidates running for a particular office.
  • The electoral college replaced by direct democracy. (The photo above shows direct democracy in action in Appenzell, Switzerland.)

These three reforms would bring the all-mighty and extremely corrupt two-party system to an end.

19 thoughts on “Three Changes

  1. When I began reading I thought that photo looks familiar. Yes, it is a Landesgemeinde in Switzerland. I have never been there myself, but the men love(d) it. It was there day to vote and ajourn to the local bar to celebrate it all afterwards, whilst the women stayed at home and cooked the dinner or whatever – but wait we now have equal rights for all. The women in Appenzell are not allowed to vote in the local elections, so there is no longer anyone cooking the dinner. So is the Swiss direct democracy, the women ruin it all. One thing I must say, it works. No-one is discriminated because of their public showing of hands saying yes or no – at least I don’t think so, luckily I live in the Kanton of Solothurn where we don’t have it.

    • I remember when I was teaching English as a Second Language in 1988 and one of my students got all fired up at a Swiss student saying “But in Switzerland, women aren’t allowed to vote!” And the Swiss kid said, “That was one tiny and primitive part of Switzerland and now women can vote there!” At that point in my life, I never imagined I’d go to Switzerland let alone stand in this very square and eat in that very restaurant. Life is full of surprises…

  2. Gosh I wish the two party system would come to an end. I miss the small parties that are existing in Europe and actually can make a difference. I want a Beppe Grillo here, right now in the US. I am tired of the two step and it seems I am not the only one. Well said, short and sweet.

  3. Today many bloggers have appreciated Swiss direct democracy. It feels so good that we learn new things from reading these posts which update and educate us on various issues.

  4. I didn’t realise America didn’t have any smaller parties. They and the Independents at least give voters more options here and have some chance of keeping the major parties in check. And since voting’s compulsory, you can put in a blank form (an ‘informal’ vote) which more or less says you hate the lot of them. There have been campaigns to get the whole country to vote informal, but sadly, there’ll always be party diehards who won’t play.

  5. This is wonderful and I have wished for this very thing for many years. I also think a president’s term might be better with only 4 years to get their act together. I am frankly sick of the corruption that has been going for an unbelievable amount of time. The politicians have been haggling over “agendas” that have no real importance. They are only interested in trying to see who can remain in control. The current crop that have intents to run for president are laughable.

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