Night Mare

Daily Prompt Nightmares Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?


“Oh no. That sigh means one thing.”

“Yeah. I might have to quit this, Dude.”

“Well, it is an optional activity.”

“Just a nice way for me to ease into the day, you know? Dusty’s here, my coffee, it’s no big deal to do this, you know. But my most recent nightmare?”

“I know. Do you even KNOW what it meant?”

“Oh my dreams are about as inscrutable as a train wreck, Dude, you know that.”

“True. Not a lot of hidden symbolism.”

“No, not a lot.”

“So what was it?”

“I was with three students and I was telling them goodbye.”

“Who were they?”

“Oh, they were students from a long time ago, from when I was teaching ESL.”

“Ah. Why them?”

“I quit THAT job because I was being treated badly.”

“Ah, like last summer?”

“Yeah. Quitting my job teaching ESL was the first experience I had with that, you know, what I ended up doing last summer.”

“Doesn’t sound like such a bad dream to me, Lamont. Sounds like real life was the bad dream.”

“No, it wasn’t really a bad dream. And you’re right. My real life in both cases had turned into a bad dream. ANY who, it’s all I have this morning to answer this prompt.”

“You’re lucky.”

“I know, right?”

6 thoughts on “Night Mare

  1. I ignore the bad dreams. Being invited to quit my job was an age thing, but I still got paid for two years until my official retirement age so it was a nightmare with a happy ending. It would be a reocurring nightmare if I had to go back.

    • Yep. For me the decision was difficult. I didn’t even know how to think about it. I just kept looking for answers and probing until I found what was really happening. Then the decision came naturally. The nightmare was dealing with the dishonesty of my bosses.

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