In the last couple of weeks I’ve emerged into Monte Vista’s human population. I joined a couple of artist groups. This means I’ll be putting some paintings in shows and in the gallery that’s going to be run by the brand new Valley Artist’s Coop. It will open in 10 days and I don’t have a lot of paintings left from California. I sold several in 2013, the last year I was entering shows and I gave some away when I moved. So, today I finished a painting and I have another on the easel and I’m looking around for other things (no shortage of amazing subject here, that’s for sure). Everyone is really nice and I’m happy that my first step has been as a painter.

17 thoughts on “Dandelions

    • Thank you! That’s one of those things I learned all those years of not painting. Painting and hiking have a lot in common, I think. For me they both teach how to see.

  1. When the creative muse calls, we must obey. Your paining is gorgeous, so your painting muse is clearly in the ascendant. If I had a second skill I would practice it in the summer. Writing outside doesn’t work for me, but an outdoor muse seems to be calling me. Please post your paintings regularly. A ray of sunshine is supportive when it’s gloomy outside!

    • Painting is a lot more fun than writing, that’s for sure. I like writing outside, but I don’t have anywhere to sit yet outside so… But I just finished the novel I’ve been working on. My editor has it. The Historical Novel Society conference is in a month, and I’ll be pitching the book to three agents (for which I paid ). It’s a real racket out there…

  2. I love the dandelion painting, Martha! Artist collectives are wonderful and I wish there were some where I live. It’s one place where there is at least a chance to find others who share a similar creative spirit.

    • I’m happy to have found these two organizations. The co-op is pretty disorganized as it is just starting, but I’m just a minion hoping to hang paintings. It’s a nice change from being in front of a classroom. And the Arts Council is great because venues approach them to find artists and they’re involved with the city council. It’s a new world for me and that’s very nice, too. But my main job is to paint and that’s a job description I’ve always wanted.

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