Lamont’s Year (So Far)

Daily Prompt State of Your Year How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far.

“Another confession, Father.”

“‘Father’ Lamont?”

“Let’s go to a quiet corner so you can hear my confession.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I need to relieve my soul of the biggest challenges and achievements so far this year, but WHY????”

“Why are we doing this, Lamont?”

“I don’t know. We don’t even think in terms of years any more.”

“True enough. They COULD ask about this incarnation. That might be something.”

“Yeah, Dude, a LIFE STORY.”

“Quit laughing. Why don’t you just get on with a response. You’ve achieved some stuff this year. You might as well tell all the people out there who are perched on the edges of their sofas wanting to know what you’ve accomplished this year and what’s challenged you.”

“OK. Well, this time last year was struggling to live above my means in California and wondered how I was going to fix my life. My JOB was vanishing and I’d contacted the union about it, but it had not, so far, done anything — it would not do anything. Brad was fixing up my house, but half the time he didn’t show up. With stars in my eyes, I was planning a summer lit class, not knowing what a disaster it would be. Shudder. In every respect I’m in a far better place now than I was then. Anyone who wants to know can read about it here. As for what I’ve accomplished? I saved myself.”

“For now.”

“Exactly, Dude. For now.”


4 thoughts on “Lamont’s Year (So Far)

  1. You/Lamont has accomplish a lot and can be proud of it. You made a good choice. I would love to visit one day, but probably only in my dreams. I did not realise what really laid behind the move, but I am so glad that it worked out well for you, the canines and Lamont and Dude

    • Thank you! The hardest part was watching the house of cards fall and not knowing what to do. Once I understood, it was not so bad. I’m so happy I didn’t try to fight it and just got out.

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