No Deep Talks; Life with Dusty and Mindy

“Dusty? Mindy? Come here. I have to write about you today. ”

“What do you mean ‘come here’. We’re always here.”

“That’s true. I’m supposed to write about what you mean to me.”


“Yeah. I’ve written that about a thousand times already, haven’t I?”

“Yeah. And, you know, the deepest feelings defy expression.”

“You are getting quite wise in your old age, Dusty. I agree with you. Everyone knows how you guys came out here with me to start a new life and what good sports you are. Otherwise? Maybe one thing I like about dogs vs. human relationships is that I never have to sit down with you guys and talk about our feelings or our relationship.”

“Did you say walk?”

“No, Mindy. Talk.”

“A walk would be nice.”


17 thoughts on “No Deep Talks; Life with Dusty and Mindy

  1. Can’t beat a real conversation dog to human can you? My Tabby was looking for the food discussion, so I reminded her that there are other things than food. Dogs are more into psychology.

    • Mindy’s into food. What she likes about walks is that, in earlier years, she was always rewarded with a cookie at the end. The walk itself? She can take it or leave it. If I say “Walkies?” she hears “Cookies” which are now baby carrots because she’s on a strict diet.

  2. They’re so sweet! Sounds exactly like how the conversation would go if they had the mouth structures to say words. Cat Louie likes to gaze, but the more I speak to him, the more he seems to connect. Now if he’d stop stalking my ankles.

    • Dogs have outnumbered humans in my homelife since 1987. I’m not sure whose terms we’re living on. I sometimes wonder if they communicate with each other telepathically saying things like, “Good thing we found this ape!” And when I had cats, I had no illusions about who lived with whom.

    • The tumor is a stuff animal, a three headed dog named Cerberus. 🙂 I use it so if I’m sitting on the sofa, Mindy doesn’t push me up against one end.

  3. I always like reading about pets. Your dogs are adorable even if one of both of then mistakes talk for walk or vice versa. 🙂

    Those baby carrots are so good for dogs. My dogs loooove cooked carrots better than raw and some will eat bites of raw apple.

    • Years ago I was at the vet and a man came in with a beautiful husky he said was 16 years old. I couldn’t believe it but he said it was because he gave his dog fruit and vegetables. Now I believe it!

      My dogs love apples. I eat an apple every evening and when Mindy hears me cut into the apple she’s RIGHT there. Every morning Mindy gets 1 frozen strawberry when I make my smoothie. Lily loved asparagus. Back in the late 80s when I had my first dogs I was growing raspberries. One morning I caught my Springer/lab mix, Truffle, daintily picking ripe raspberries from the bushes… I’d wondered why I never got any fruit! Lily would pick cherry tomatoes off the tomato vines so I ended up growing tomatoes INSIDE the dog run and keeping the dogs out! They all love zucchini. They also love pumpkin. I bet yours do, too!

      • Yes, I think most dogs like all the healthy things. Given a choice, they might eat better that lots of humans.

        That’s a cute story about growing tomatoes in the dog run. Also the dog that ate the raspberries. Those stories would make some cute posts.

        I’m sorry about all the typos in my comments. I’m often in a hurry and fail to proof read. I’ll try to be more careful. Hope there are none in this one. 🙂

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