Scatology Now, Daily Prompt?

Daily Prompt Ring of Fire Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring? “In medicine and biology, scatology or coprology is the study of feces. Scatological studies allow one to determine a wide range of biological information about a creature, including its diet (and thus where it has been), health, and diseases such as tapeworms.”


“Seriously, Lamont?”

“I know, right? I’m sure I’m not going to write about spicy food etc. Gross.”

“Yep. I knew you’d say that.”

“Tell me, Dude. What’s the purpose of a blogging platform if people don’t like the offerings?

“I don’t know. You’re having some good luck on Medium.”

“In a way — it’s a nice interface, really easy to use. Then, you might get ‘absorbed’ into a community as I did with some of the articles about teaching. Your work really gets read then, but the site has a strange feel to it.”

“What’s that?”

“Can’t quite put my finger on it. But… Same problems over there, though. The same tug-o-war between ‘us’ and ‘them’.”

“Us and them?”

“The young and old. Baby Boomers are not going easily ‘into that goodnight’.”

“Did you expect they would?”

“No. I read a woman’s rant yesterday on Medium about how Medium isn’t serving the ‘needs’ of the ‘Boomer’ community.”

“Why should they? Boomers are not the future.”

“No, we’re not. We’re not all that interesting, either. Same song, different day.”

“What about you?”

“I never identified with ‘my generation’. I always felt that was just one more ghetto. I wanted a bigger world. I felt segregated in school. But there were a lot of things I didn’t understand about human life. One of those is that at a certain point, people born within a certain 20 year period are going to be MOST of the people out there in the workforce. They’re going to be having the kids, making the money and casting the votes. There’s something in the word ‘generation,’ too. It means to make offspring, or, more generally, making something new, production.”

“Ah. So what?”

“Then as now, the important thing is to do your own work well. It’s the most useful thing we can do for ourselves and the future. There’s no point whining because we’re on the shady side of the mountain. The top was beautiful, but there’s a sweetness here, too.”

12 thoughts on “Scatology Now, Daily Prompt?

    • No, Medium isn’t a Baby Boomer blogging site. It’s an interesting site mostly because of the way it works. People can join “groups” which function like magazines publishing posts on a particular topic. I submit articles to a group called “Synapse” on Medium which is focused on teaching. There are all kinds of groups and no one has to join them but it’s a way to be read.

      • That’s the first coherent explanation I’ve heard of Medium. I joined it, then instantly decided to never go back. Too many rules.

        Officially, our age group, we booming seniors, control the majority of the world’s wealth. We are old, but we have a lock on the money. Or someone in our age group has it. It ain’t ME, but someone, somewhere. So “they” tell me …

        We can be sure that investment specialists are pandering to our every whim. Not us personally. Generationally. The rich ones.

      • I like Medium in some ways — and I’ve had a lot more “success” there than here and it’s been a useful forum for me to write about teaching, explaining techniques that young teachers are no longer taught — but need and have picked up gratefully. That was something that mattered to me a lot after I retired. I’m pretty much done with that, at this point, but it was there. The fact that the boomers control the wealth is probably one reason there’s an “Us” and “Them”. It’s OK. I actually don’t care much about it since I realized what aging really means; less physical ability. It’s nature, after all.

  1. We are now the older generation. I’m okay with it, but still looking for ways to keep the body moving. I hope it works out. I really miss doing stuff. And anyway, someone else has all the money. If I’m nice, maybe they’ll share it? Nah.

  2. I love it when she tells him to go F*** himself:0)) How beautiful they were, but I prefer them older and more real and less fooled by illusion.

    • I just love them. I love this film, too. In it all of Fellini’s visions, illusions, creations appear but 100% more “real” than he could ever have imagined them. It’s just so sweet.

  3. I get that the world feels the need to divide itself into generations, but – blog sites? Am I just dumb? I thought we were all here doing roughly the same thing – expressing ourselves. ‘US’ and ‘them’? For what?

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