Spring? Why?

I’m experiencing my first spring in 30 years and, honestly, I think the season is over-rated. No snow to speak of (I love snow). The golf course has golfers on it (the NERVE!) It’s not safe to open the sprinklers (which I can’t find and want to find before I set down the raised beds) and it’s not safe to plant anything and we badly need rain and what’s the point of this noncommittal silliness? Spring is for patient people who are in love with possibility or who have bulb plants and flowering trees.  I’m all about realization and I didn’t get here in time to plan spring bulb plants.

Wondering if I were all alone in this odium de printemps, I googled “I hate spring,” and I read an article just now (“Confession: I Hate Spring in Philadelphia.  For a season that’s barely pleasant, spring is plenty smug. What has it done for you lately?”) It hit my nail on the head, especially here:

“If you’re having a bad day in January, you haven’t necessarily failed — everyone is having all of the bad days in January. If you’re having a bad day in April? You’re in a party-of-one rut that’s not in line with the prescribed cheeriness of the season.”

Well, nature’s nature and it doesn’t avail much for me to hate this since I have to wait it out, but…I do.

11 thoughts on “Spring? Why?

  1. Man, I feel for you. I’m a fall gal, myself. Spring where I live can be sunny and feel wonderful, but it can also be dreary, grey and dirty-looking until the grass comes in with its bright new green to cover winter’s leavings.

    And summer! Well, don’t get me started on summer; it’s just too hot and humid for words. I can’t even sleep with the windows open in the summer, and canned air is for the birds…yuck!

    Give me a cool, breezy fall day when the air is crisp and the leaves are a kaleidoscope of colours, and there’s a hint–just a hint, mind you–of winter to come. Heck, give me a grey and windy November day when I have to zip my jacket up tight and wear my gloves, too. I’m not a winter person exactly (mainly because winters here are mainly grey and blustery, with or without snow), but I do love cold air and sunshine!

    I probably need to live on a mountaintop somewhere where there’s a lot of sun and plenty of cool as well. Haven’t found my mountaintop, though, and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to be still searching. Perhaps in another lifetime! 🙂

    • I live in a place with cold air and sunshine in the winter — perfect. 🙂 Summer here can be very hot, but it’s dry and normally there are afternoon showers. Fall is beautiful and creates in me the sense of expectancy I guess spring is supposed to (but doesn’t). Fall promises snow which I never stopped loving even though I can no longer ski. I guess I’m just an old malamute who wants to curl up in a snow drift after a long run. I wouldn’t be an animal who hibernates through winter, that’s for sure. Winter has all these great things that can happen. Frozen fog can cover the tiniest branches of the trees, there might be a moose on the golf course calling out in the night, deer and elk wander around not far away, the river has ice, snow in every form is lovely. Oh well! Spring is what we have right now! 🙂

      • How perfectly lovely! Hot and dry works for me; it’s humidity that gets to me. When we lived in Algeria, summers were brutally hot, but very dry, so you didn’t notice the heat so much. Ah, well. As you say, spring is what we have–and it is pretty, even if it’s not my favourite! Cheers.

    • Maybe — this is my first spring here and I honestly don’t remember what they were like when I lived in Colorado before because I didn’t garden back then and on weekends I skied until everything was closed — dragged out winter as long as I could. I might still be stuck partly in the school year calendar, too, and this time of the year was always awful because spring semester was 3 or 4 weeks longer than fall and there was often just nothing left to teach.

  2. Spring is lovely or maybe not. My white car has been either yellow or green for a week now. The other day while sitting on back screened porch, I was waiting for an email, so was checking my iPhone every time it dinged. And each time (about every 5-10 minutes because I follow 150 blogs), I had to wipe off the pollen first. I don’t dare open my windows and let it in. I have “anniversary memory” in the Spring, so struggle with depression a little more than usual and relate to the quote you included in your post.

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