Scholarship Material

Kim Kardashian fascinates me and I don’t completely understand the nature of that fascination. For a long time, I heard/read her name and wondered who the heck she was. Then, a couple of students wrote reports about how she was their role model because she’d achieved so much in her life even though she was (is) a woman. These two students seemed to believe that Kardashian is also a “woman of color” so that added piquancy to her great achievements.

Reading those essays I had to look up this marvelous piece of female achievement, and I discovered that she was famous for having been Paris Hilton’s friend and for making a sex tape that went viral. Her name was vaguely familiar, as well, and I quickly learned who her father was and just what terrible obstacles she’d had to overcome in order to reach her mammoth success. Woman of color? No…

I confronted my students with these facts and I said, “Do you really think that she has achieved anything? She comes from a ridiculously wealthy family and all she’s done is pander her booty. Don’t you want something more for your daughters, if not for yourselves?” I was thinking that sexual attractiveness is a short-lived thing and there is every reason to prepare for a life that holds more long-term interest. Still, I knew they were in school to get a job that would allow them to make more money. They wanted what Kim Kardashian represents; sex and money. If all went well, they might also be “reality stars.”

They didn’t want “more” whatever “more” was. They still thought Kardashian was a worthy role model. The two girls decided I was some kind of old, strident white feminist who didn’t understand their generation, and they never returned to class.

I had to ask myself, “What MORE is there?” The reason we’re HERE at all is to propagate our species. Kim Kardashian has absolutely flaunted and capitalized on the characteristics that set her apart as a likely prospect for insemination. She’s not the first; Marilyn Monroe (also often chosen by my girl students as a role model along with Betty Boop) was also very nubile in appearance. In fact, the list is endless, from Helen of Troy on to millions of girls I’ve never heard of or seen through time. So what my girl students had been telling me for years — “I want to be sexy, therefore my role model is the latest hot item,” is absolutely valid on the level of survival of the species.

Nothing wrong with that. I decided that what we as a society need to do is make sure that most girls are ready to mate and spawn when they graduate high school. They should have intensely practical classes in child-rearing, management and homemaking. They should also learn the skills they might need for a decent part-time clerical job. They should be given every opportunity to enhance their secondary sexual characteristics so they have a better shot at attracting the best quality DNA. For, as Aldous Huxley was palpably aware, for a girl to be really attractive, she needs to be “pneumatic.”

This is written in response to Bumblepuppies weekly challenge on Black Light Candelabra: For this week’s challenge, your title should create humor by bringing together two things that one does not normally see together.  The two things might both appear in your title or you might create a clash between your title and the picture everyone will see immediately.  Alternately, you could choose a title that will grab your regular readers’ attention for being far outside the scope of your normal tone and focus.  Whatever you choose, make sure that your post is serious yet still relevant to the title you used for your starting point.

12 thoughts on “Scholarship Material

  1. I am sure if I was not a member of Facebook, or any other social site, I would never had heard of Kim Kardashian and her remarkable anatomy. Let’s face it what she has I have too, just a little different proportions. Of course we don’t understand their generation, but they do not understand ours. I am convinced in 20 or 30 years they will have forgotten Kim whatever and her backside. they will be more occupied with the earnest side of life (I hope).

    • Yep, or if they remember it will be to say to their children, “You think X is so hot? Kim Kardashian is the bomb.” And the kids will say, “Ew, gross.” Because Kardashian will be my age in 30 years… Who knows how they’ll be preserving people in 30 years. It’s true, though. They take a lot of stuff granted that we had to fight for, but probably not as much stuff as we took for granted about our own parents.

  2. I’m totally confused: has that young woman had her arse surgically enlarged ? – surely no-one would want to have one of those dimensions had she the choice …

    • She says she didn’t have it surgically enlarged but 1) she’s lying, 2) who cares. She’s brought big butts into the realm of desirable attributes. She’s a grotesque and disturbing phenom in every way, but morbidly fascinating.

      • I do understand that PhotoShop has been employed, as it is with all these interchangeable women. But honestly, Martha – that’s just … too weird !

      • She hasn’t used photo shop. She actually has an enormous ass. She’s famous for it and I wish I didn’t know it, but that knowledge thing only goes one way. It’s a HUGE (ha ha) fashion among followers of a certain kind of music and butt implants are an extremely possible “procedure” these days. Anyway, I’ve written about her before,

        And in some post that I can’t find, I compared her to a beautiful woman from “our” time — Julie Christie. There couldn’t be a stronger contrast.

        I’m glad you find it weird. I wish I didn’t have the feeling that over here it’s become a kind of “normal.”

  3. You’re thinking too hard. Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous. Cicero. Marc Anthony. Julius Caesar. Marquis de Lafayette. Davy Crockett. Doc Holliday. Irene Castle. Gertrude Lawrence. And LOTS of others. Kim Kardashian is current — and so blatantly undeserving of fame, it makes us wonder what we are missing.

    I don’t think we are missing anything. It doesn’t make sense. She and all the others throughout history had or have charisma. Not necessarily sexy, accomplished, or even interesting — and no two the same. If we could figure it, that knowledge would be worth serious money.

  4. KK is the ultimate personification (to me) of modern society’s least attractrive feature: the absolute and mindless adoration of image and money. And don’t even think about practical classes. In their minds, your girls won’t be bothered by all that mundane crap – they’ll have lackeys panting to do it for them. The tragedy is that when the fantasy doesn’t come true, they’ll join the ranks of those looking for someone to blame.
    Part of me admires KK for her ability to parlay nothing into a cult and a fortune, but most of me looks with horrified fascination at how much damage self-absorbed money-grubbing can do.

    • Yep — I kind of kick myself for not getting it sooner with these students. I wish I’d thought to say, “OK, well, you’d better learn everything you can about taking care of a house, and exercise so you can keep your figure as long as possible, and learn about raising kids and find a skill right away to earn some money because you’re actually pretty damned ugly. You’re going to need some way to compensate for being ugly and ignorant and poor. Kardashian is beautiful and rich — so her being ignorant is completely unimportant.” I didn’t really understand that they were looking at life through hormone-glazed eyes. 🙂

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