Part II, Better than Promised — The Meaning of Life


“Another thing I should probably warn you about before you take off and explore, nothing happens twice. That’s because of the time thing. Time only goes ‘forward’ in this world, as you’ll perceive it. It’s because of the duration thing.”

“So? If I do something once, why would I want to do it again?”

“You’ll find out, I’m afraid. That could be considered a glitch, but I was afraid people…”


“You’re one. You’re a person. Person. A single ‘people’. Language is a bitch, Lamont. I’ll tell you that straight out right now. It’s something, but… I didn’t make it. My job is to get things going and keep them going, but the details are up to all the various life forms, you know? Otherwise, what would be the point? Anyway, you’ll find language very useful, but it has its limits.”

“Like duration?”

“Not exactly. Different limits, but that’s your job. Not mine. So are you OK with doing everything only once?”

“I don’t really understand that.”

“You will. You have a mental device to help you with that, though. It’s called ‘memory’. That will help you learn to adapt to the changes in the world here and it will allow you to re-experience good and bad moments. But don’t let it control you. That leads to twin enemies — fear and nostalgia.”

“You’re way ahead of me, He-Who-Is-Not-Named. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“That’s OK. Just remember our conversation. If you find yourself in the middle of a terrible experience, remember it won’t last forever and it won’t come back. Get through it. If you find yourself in the middle of a beautiful moment, remember it won’t last forever or return. Savor it and hold it in your heart.”

“So this places isn’t exactly Disneyland, after all.”

“I never said it was. I said that Disneyland is here. But this is NOT Disneyland. This is…”

“No three minute thrill?”

“No queues.” He-Who-Is-Not-Named seemed to wink.

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    • He who is not named does not need a name. Refer to Exodus 3 for more information on that point. And, he’s a Deist. He just gets things going. He doesn’t have answers, just a few laws and some general guidance. Sorry. It’s how he is. He hung his painting in the gallery and walked away.

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