5 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. I have a very bright grandson who, at 17, now hates school. How did the system take this kid who as a child was like a sponge, absorbing everything his eager mind came into contact with and reaching for more, and turn him into a young adult who can’t wait to get it over with?

    Some twenty years ago, I took a number of university courses after many years away from the education system and discovered that the main aim of most of my fellow students was to find out what minimum they absolutely had to know in order to pass the tests. Nothing more than that. No joy of learning. Not even any real desire to learn that I could see.

    A couple of the courses I took were, I discovered, considered “bird courses,” ones you could slide through without much effort and still get a grade of some kind. The goal appeared to be to get a degree with as little genuine effort as possible. Think? Who wanted to bother thinking?

    Clearly, the education system hasn’t evolved in the past twenty years; if anything, it’s devolved. What a terrible waste for everyone concerned!

    • 15 years ago I taught Brave New World in my sophomore writing classes. Four years ago I stopped because my students really couldn’t read it. The problem is primary and secondary school (in my opinion) which (here anyway) focuses ONLY on passing standardized tests. Anyway, I’m out of it. I hope in a year or two I am no longer angry and don’t feel betrayed any more. I feel sorry for kids like your grandson whose natural desire to learn (a human evolutionary advantage, I think) has been squashed. I hope he picks up that joy again when he finds something he loves on his own and learns all about it. That will be his salvation. 🙂

  2. I only ‘like’ it because I know that this is something that ate up a part of you – that you felt more than merely woundedly …

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