Jump Around

Daily Prompt Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious You get some incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic news. What’s the first thing you do?

This morning — as all mornings — I fed my dogs. Mindy is a great lover of food. All food. She’s on a dog-diet right now so her two tiny cookies a day have been replaced by baby carrots. She thinks they’re GREAT! In the morning she’s rapturous when I approach her third generation dog bowl (it’s been used before) with the 3/4 cup of low-calorie senior dog kibble. She dances in circles, jumps up, wags her nubbin (she’s an Australian shepherd so she has no tail). She has arthritis in her hip and her “stifle” (knee) because she’s old and she’s been overweight most of her life. She’s not an active dog. I don’t know what she would have done with a herd of sheep EVER. The vet said that the word “mellow” was inspired by Mindy.

Every day of Mindy’s life something WONDERFUL!!!! happens at least twice! Morning makes her dance. It’s a combination, I think, of my reappearing (Yay! She’s back!) and food in her dish. But she’ll dance at other times, too. Just depends what the day brings.

When I looked at the prompt, that was on my mind. I started out thinking, “What really great thing would happen that I could react to so I could write this?” I thought of what it might be and what I would do. Then I thought, “Wait a minute. Really great things are happening all the time and I’m oblivious or preoccupied or I pass right through them or I’m yearning for some other thing or wondering what’s next or if I got it right or worried about money or ad infinitum. Then I thought, “Mindy’s got it all figured out.”

Here’s Mindy’s song, “Jump Around” by House of Pain. I often sing the refrain (“Jump around! Jump around!”) when I feed her or come home from somewhere. She does what I tell her and jumps around. On one of our road trips the song came onto the radio and Mindy suddenly became completely alert. If that song’s coming out of somewhere, there must be something GREAT somewhere! Or Mindy’s just a fan of Irish-American hip-hop.


9 thoughts on “Jump Around

  1. Every feeding event is like the first ever in the history of the world of dogs. They get just as excited about this biscuit or food dish now as they have for ever bite they’ve ever been given. Dogs dwell in joy.

  2. I just leave my cats to it. They have permanently filled plates with vitamin enriched pellets. Yes I am a lazy pet mother. I think if I had dogs they would love me, but might have weight problems. i would just fill it up when empty

    • Some dogs only eat when they’re hungry. Dogs like Mindy? They would eat the entire day. When she was rescued she weighed more than 80 pounds. She should weigh 50. She was Jaba the Hut, canine variety. Now she’s 67 and that’s too heavy. I’ll be happy to get her back down to 60.

  3. Ha! Cat Louie lifted his head from a deep slumber just long enough to listen to “Jump Around”. He’s a complete nutball when he thinks it might be food time – and he thinks it just MIGHT be food time every time I stand at the kitchen counter.

  4. Yes. Drove back from Sydney yesterday, opened all the windows (it was hot) unpacked, put everything away…then flopped into the comfortable chair on my balcony with a big glass of sparkling mineral water. Bliss. My version of Mindy’s jumping around. The little things.

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