Hawk Dream

A response to Bumblepuppies’ Blacklight Candelabra weekly challenge:  “…look at the image and ask yourself what it says about you or what message it might convey.  Analyze.  Be sure to look at individual pieces (for example, the purple corners in my picture) and think about what they might represent.  Then, create a post that includes your image as well as the explanation of what you’ve discovered about that image.”


This picture is every bit as subtle and inscrutable as my dreams. The symbolism in my dreams is so obvious that I often wonder what came first; the metaphor? the reality? In this picture I’m hiking, I see a hawk and there is the night sky. I’m an artist so it’s pretty difficult for me NOT to conceptualize as I go along and while I may like some abstract painting, I see no point in doing it myself. Anyway, I ended up liking this picture a lot and maybe it will become a painting someday. I think it is a painting of my death, my dreams, my past life and a spirit guide I had once upon a time who helped me learn to see. It’s significant that the hawk is perfect and my image is flawed. I believe that is accurate to life. The red tail IS perfect and I have a long ways to go…


10 thoughts on “Hawk Dream

  1. That bird is watching me like a hawk (Hey, it is a hawk!) and telling me to be careful while walking. I’ve had 6 bad falls this year, so it is advice well given. I know you walk better than I do..as you are an expert at it, so must have some other meaning for you…Judy

    • I do not walk well any more. I have arthritis in both knees. Some days are good, other days (like today) are pitiful. It’s the price I paid for being dumb and reckless for way too long! Staying upright is important!!!!

  2. Amen, sister…I’m practicing being better at it. In Mexico they have a peyote ointment with arnica Montana in it as well. It is amazing for knee aches. (I discovered after wrecking both within a one week period, falling on first one and then the other. See if you might find it in a homeopathic shop. I know it sounds weird, but it really does seem to help and no, no funny dreams. Judy

    • I’ll look for it. I actually tried a pot patch which was not supposed to have any effect except pain relief, but since I never use pot it affected me otherwise, first made me warm and happy, then a little wired. Disappointing. 😦

      • It is disappointing to feel warm and happy? Did it help with the pain? At first when you said, “pot patch” I thought you were growing it–like Farmer MacGregor and his cabbage patch.

      • Feeling warm and happy was good but hyper wasn’t good. I can’t say it helped with the pain — a little, I think. I can’t take NSAIDS, only tylenol, so pain can sometimes be a real problem. I have arthritis in my shoulder from all those years of writing on the chalkboard and that is what hurts most of all. I’d love to find a thing that works.

      • Have you tried Arnica Montana? That is probably just helpful for muscle pain, and that’s probably true of the peyote unguent as well.

  3. Not being very artistically gifted or into psychology I find that you have more talent that I have for drawing. Your human figure even has clothing, mine is naked. Perhaps there is a certain sybolical difference in this, but I yet have to find it. I like the bird that seems to be distribting pearls of blue everywhere, but have not yet discovered the hidden meaning. Perhaps it was raining? Anyhow on the whole a very good painting and warrenting a position in the virtual art gallery.

    • The hawk is from Wikimedia commons. The constellation from the same place. I did this because I’d just written a blog post about hiking so that was on my mind. Where I hiked the trail was red clay. I found the paint program frustrating and primitive. I didn’t expect to say anything with my picture, but when it was done, I had. Hawks are bringers of the dawn, so that’s what coming from his wings, but that was an accident I ended up liking. I’m happy you like it — I like it too, but it was mostly an accident. As for symbolism and psychology, I’m not one of those people (any more). In my twenties and into my early 30s I was intrigued by hidden meanings but now I think meaning is enough. 😉

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