Hiking…David Brendan Hopes

Ghostwriter If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

Actually, I’d like my life to be told as a video game. But, if someone has to ghost write it, I’d choose David Brendan Hopes. I learned of him from the writer of Scuffed Boots.

I think Hopes would understand a part of my life, an element of me, that is, has been, important TO ME but which I have lived largely in solitude. That is, has been, my relationship with nature. Any biography of me should focus on that, particularly the time I spent in California’s coastal sage and chaparral. There may yet be other hikes and other experiences, but at the moment I think it’s doubtful that anything like those years of daily hiking in all weather in one place will ever happen again. I think David Brendan Hopes would understand those journeys and write about them, and me, well.

Here are some of his essays/stories.


10 thoughts on “Hiking…David Brendan Hopes

  1. As I am becoming a super hiker, following Mr. Swiss, that one might be for me. Although “my Life with the Swiss” would also be worth a write, although I want to keep my swiss passport, so perhaps not.

  2. What’s nice about that is your certainty of you, Martha.
    I envy you, my dear ! – but you are, as I believe I’ve mentioned, a mature, thinking person !

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