Surrealism Doesn’t Exist

Daily Prompt Whoa! What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

“Sigh. I don’t feel like airing my surreal experiences in public. I think I’ll just go do something else. Anyway, here’s the take of a cool new artist I learned of yesterday. He goes by the name Butcher Billy. The featured image is his Legion of Real Life Supervillains


10 thoughts on “Surrealism Doesn’t Exist

    • I love Dada. I have a nice photo of my pointing at the “Navel of the World” at Cafe Voltaire in Zürich. It’s quite surreal. You might be right about the Daily Prompt though it seems somewhat more Nihilistic than Surreal 😉

  1. This is not the second round of this prompt. It’s like, the fourth? More? They rephrase it, but it’s the same prompt. So I published the same answer. It’s not worth the amount of work to do something else, at least not today when I’ve been busy photographing our new snow. Yes, world, we have another couple of inches. Nothing says “springtime” like a layer of powder 🙂

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