Soltanto una Fragola

Daily Prompt 32 Flavors Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

“Isn’t it 31 flavors, Lamont?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been to Baskin-Robbins in a long time. Never been a real fan of ice cream. It’s OK but it’s really just milk and sugar, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Sometimes eggs?”

“I’ve heard that said, yes.”

“So you don’t have a favorite?”


“What do you like?”


“You enjoyed gelato while you were wandering around Italy.”

“True. It was a major part of my diet in Milan. That’s why I used a photo of assorted gelato in my featured photo up there.”

“What was your favorite?”

Gianduia, but mostly I ate fragola for sentimental reasons.”

“This is an incredibly boring post, Lamont.”

“Yeah, I know. Boring prompt. I have a bad cold, too. Just, you know, same prompt as yesterday, really. ‘Ocean, beach, mountains — or something else?’ is pretty much ‘Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?’ No real difference.”

“I understand you’re dropping out of one of your online classes?”

“Not exactly. I just took the final exam a week early.”

“How’d you do?”

“I aced it. I guess I’m in a self-discovery mode, Dude. I got bored with the class. It seemed very random, though I think the teachers had it figured out in a nice line, actually. It was well put together especially if you consider that they have no idea who — in the whole world — would sign up for it.”

“What was it?”

“The changing image of the Hero in WW I.”


“Yeah, well, it’s all so obvious.”

“To you, but you know a lot about WW I. You’ve been studying it since you were a little girl, Lamont.”

“That’s what I realized. This week we looked at how the idea of a hero changed during the war and actually includes – sit down, Dude – women. Personally, I don’t think that’s so surprising, but because the teachers are young women all fascinated by ‘gender studies’ this is their main thing. Not surprising if one grows up in a world in which LGBT is a literary genre. It makes me tired.”

“Isn’t it a literary genre?”

“No. It’s four letters from the alphabet now used to represent four of the nonbiologically viable types of animal sexual preferences. Well I guess B is potentially biologically viable, but the other three? No, probably not without great effort and expense.”

“You sound prejudiced against the non-straight world, Lamont.”

“I’m not, not in the least. I just don’t think that represents a literary genre and I also think that there should be no surprise that members of these groups have been historically marginalized. We are animals, after all, and our main imperative is survival of the species. LG and T pretty much work against the prime directive coded into the genes of all animals.”

“So you THINK they should be shunned?”

“No, absolutely not. But I do think it’s important for humans to remember that we’re animals. We will — and have always — done things impelled by that fact.”

“So you don’t think there are 31 flavors here?”

“Ha ha, nice one, Dude. I actually think there are probably MORE that that.”

“You surprise me, Lamont. I’ve known you all my life and I never imagined you were biased against LGB or T.”

“I’m not, Dude. I’m just expressing two facts. One, gender identity does not make a literary genre and, two, the human animal is no different fundamentally from other animals. We’re supposed to mate, spawn and die.”

“You didn’t spawn.”

“That’s true, Dude. I’m in another category. That’s what I mean — believe me, the non-LGBT, NOT spawning humans are also in a minority and are (naturally) excluded from most of the things most humans do throughout their lives. The key is spawning; that is the ONE necessary act of a human being, or any other animal, and I didn’t do it. Many non-LGBT people who discover they are not biologically viable have an existential meltdown at the news and fight against it. They actually FEEL excluded.”

“You don’t?”

“No. I never wanted to spawn. Just as a gay guy knows he prefers men, I knew I wasn’t going to be anyone’s mother. I knew it when I was very young.”

“How do you account for it?”

“I can’t. Maybe there was a little voice coming out of my DNA saying, ‘Lamont! Lamont! Don’t do it! Your young are NOT going to be OK. Leave that to others.’ I mean, look at my parents…”

“Good point.”

“Yep. I don’t know how this works, but just as some of my best friends discovered they were attracted to people of the same sex, I discovered that I wasn’t mom material.”

“This is a long way from ice cream, Lamont.”

“I know, right? I just hope what I’ve written here isn’t misunderstood. If there is any group to which I feel sympathy it’s that group that cannot be easily grouped.”

11 thoughts on “Soltanto una Fragola

  1. It is 32 flavors, not 31. Try licking the employee behind the freezers… if they’re over 18. πŸ˜‰

    And, I’m glad to see people saying they’re not parenting material. We don’t need more children being raised by parents who have no business being parents.

    • It’s 31 BP and yuck. I think I would’ve been a good mom, but I had no interest in donating my life to a kid. In fact, the thought made me nauseous. I’ve been good as the other adult in a lot of kids’ lives. But at the end of the day, I want them to go home.

  2. We hardly ever eat ice cream, but ice cream flavor choice is not worth a post. On the other hand, THIS subject deserves a bit more prominence. There are a great many so-called “genres” of literature and film that aren’t genres. They aren’t even categories. They are just tags for marketing people to use so special interest groups can identify their particular areas of interest.

  3. I am a vanilla person, perhaps mixed with chocolate chips, so a straciatella type as well. I don’t need all those flavours, life is flavoured enough. Talking of spawning, don’t compare it to the humans. At the moment (must take a walk there) if I visit a local pond the frogs are feeling the flavours of Spring. One female and five males hanging on for dear life hoping to get a chance. On the other hand the rooster has 60 chickens and they never have arguments. Have lost the logic, but so does wordPress quite often.

    • Over the weekend I went to see an alligator refuge (here, of all places) and as it’s a working farm, there were turkeys. Two toms, three hens. The tom turkeys were working SO HARD to get the hens’ attention.

  4. When I saw the prompt, I didn’t immediately think “ice cream.” In fact, my brain went toward the ‘spawning’ end of the spectrum, as vanilla is slang for one sexual preference. I never wanted to spawn either. Never wanted a big, fancy wedding either, though I did want a husband. I don’t like kids. I do like gelato.

    • I like kids. I don’t think I wanted a husband, really. I had a fantasy as a girl of adopting 18 boys and having two baseball teams. I was influenced by Louisa May Alcott’s book, Joe’s Boys. A husband like that and a family like that would have been great fun. πŸ™‚

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