Three — No, wait — Four Thousand Words

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Last summer one of my long-lost cousins found me and that resulted in my flying to Oregon to visit. I used to visit Oregon often because my grandmother lived there with my aunt. It was wonderful to be there again. My cousin lives in the pretty very small town of Butte Falls, named after this fall on the Rogue River.

Butte Falls, Oregon

Butte Falls, Oregon

We went to see The Tempest at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland — it was wonderful. Afterward we had a picnic in Lithia Park.


Deer Grazing in Lithia Park, Ashland, Oregon

We visited Crater Lake which is near the small town where my cousin lives. It’s always a spectacular sight and I enjoyed very much going with her.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

After living in drought-stricken Southern California, a visit to Oregon was amazing. Oregon is suffering from the same drought (and fires) but it was still much greener than the little mountains in which I was living last year. My stay was short and there wasn’t time to do many things we wanted to, but I’ll be back!

Pursuit of Life writes a better blog than this, but I always enjoy that it’s filled with pictures and his experiences. My post today is meant to imitate his.

20 thoughts on “Three — No, wait — Four Thousand Words

  1. Mental note: visit Oregon.

    (The closest I’ve ever been is Wisconsin, so I have a lot of ground to cover…)

    And I think you’re missing a thousand words in your headline. 😉

  2. I lived in Oregon–Portland–for five years when i was a kid. Loved it. So much beauty. Some day I need to go back.

  3. I, too, attended the Shakespeare festival in Ashland but much too briefly (a weekend jaunt from Vacaville, CA). Your photos are gorgeous. I’d totally forgotten just how beautiful Oregon is. Need to return sometime.

  4. My home town … isn’t the lake amazing! It took me 25 years before I actually went there and I’m originally from the PNW.

    • I think I will — my cousin is coming to visit me at the end of May and then maybe I’ll figure out a good time to make another visit to her. It was beautiful and she was surprising. I had never known her — she’s 9 years older. But we had very uncanny things in common which made the discovery fun.

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