Princess Mindy and the Vast Monster of Snow


Daily Prompt Once Upon a Time Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

Once upon a time, not long ago or far away, lived a beautiful Australian shepherd named Princess Mindy T. Dog. She was what they call “tri-colored” meaning her fur was mostly black with white and brown. Princess Mindy wasn’t young any more, and she was kind of fat, but she was a very happy dog with beautiful brown eyes that would melt anyone’s heart. She loved three things. She loved cookies. She loved sleeping on the sofa. She loved going for walks with her human. And, her human loved her very much so she always made sure Princess Mindy had (little) cookies, a soft velvety cover on the sofa and the chance to go on walks.

One winter afternoon, Princess Mindy, her human, and Lord Dusty, her adopted dog brother — a big black dog with some Labrador retriever, some Great Dane, some Doberman and some other mysterious ingredients — went for a walk. It wasn’t a very pretty day. The sky was gray and the air was cold. Not bitter cold, but still cold. The Vast Monster of Snow was spread across the land. The cloudy light and the reflection from the snow made it difficult to see. The human remembered long ago having yellow goggles to ski in light like this. Still, they were able to see some moose tracks, bunny tracks and dog tracks in the snow. But, as Princess Mindy walked across the Vast Monster of Snow, bits of him clung to the fur between her toes.

“Please don’t do that!” said Princess Mindy to the Vast Monster of Snow. “That hurts my feet!”

“As if I cared,” said the Vast Monster of Snow. “The sun will be out any day now and melt me. If I put bits of myself between your toes maybe it will be safe a little longer.”

“That’s ridiculous!” said Princess Mindy. “You’re going to be here a while, I’m sure. More of you will fall, too. It’s only January! There’s no reason to stick bits of yourself to me. I’ll pull you out with my teeth, anyway.”

After they’d walked for a while, the ice balls were hurting Mindy’s pads, but she really wanted to go on the walk. She just stopped more often, cleaned the ice out from between her toes then ran to catch up with Lord Dusty and her human. The thing is, every time she stopped, more of the Vast Monster of Snow stuck to her fluffy curly fur. Finally, the walk became misery for Princess Mindy because the Snow Monster would not leave her alone.

“Human!” Princess Mindy called out telepathically. “Stop! The Vast Monster of Snow keeps attacking me!”

“Poor baby,” said the human. She and Lord Dusty immediately turned around. Realizing how bad things were getting for Princess Mindy they rushed back to where Princess Mindy had stopped under a tree. “Come on, sweet thing,” the human said to Princess Mindy, putting the leash on Mindy’s collar. “We’ll walk home on the street. That will show the Vast Monster of Snow a thing or two!” Princess Mindy followed behind Lord Dusty the rest of the way which wasn’t far.

When Princess Mindy, Lord Dusty and the human arrived home, the first thing the human did was get all the ice and snow out from between Princess Mindy’s toes. Then Princess Mindy’s human clipped the fur around Princess Mindy’s toe pads and clipped Princess Mindy’s nails so it would be more difficult for the Vast Monster of Snow to hide bits of himself in the sweet dog’s feet. Princess Mindy hated all of this, but within minutes she forgot all about it because her human gave her a cookie.

From then on, Princess Mindy, Lord Dusty and their human lived happily ever after.

22 thoughts on “Princess Mindy and the Vast Monster of Snow

    • I tried booties, but she wouldn’t even stand up in them. Now I’ve gotten something called “Musher’s Secret” or “Musher’s Delight” for her feet. It’s wax, basically. Normally this doesn’t happen — the snow has to be “just so.” Poor Princess Mindy!

    • This was Mindy’s first time and she loved it from the beginning. I didn’t have her when I lived in Descanso or she would have seen snow there.

    • She wouldn’t even stand up in them. I think she’s too old to learn that new trick. She just rolled over on her back and refused to move. I got her “Musher’s Secret” — that’s OK with her. 🙂

        • I wanted her to wear boots and I do think it’s funny. Honestly I’d be a little embarrassed to walk a bootie-wearing dog around here with the mooses. Musher’s Secret is a wax you rub on your dog’s paws to protect them. Here’s the description. I hope it will work. The snow only gets in her paws when the temperature is 33-34. Colder, good. Warmer, good. I didn’t want to take her out today but she wanted to so bad. Anyway, here’s what they say about this stuff. I hope it works. “What if you could give your dog an invisible boot to prevent paw problems? Now you can, with Musher’s Secret. Protect paw damage due to sand, hot pavement, ice, salt and other harsh surfaces. When applied to pads and between toes, Musher’s Secret dries in seconds to form a semi-permeable shield of protection. Non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining formula also protects and provides soothing relief for fly bites, open sores, cracked toes, nicks, scratches, and burns. Can be used weekly or as needed to prevent abrasions, burning, drying, and cracking. Keeps flies off and away. Perfect for mushing, hunting, walking, or before any outdoor activity. Invisible cream will not stain carpets.”

  1. Tabby said the dog’s own fault for going out in the snow. Tabby only takes a walk to reach the bird house in the snow and that is not far.

    • Good morning, Tabby. You are right, of course, but if Lord Dusty and I didn’t go out and hunt from time to time, I’m sure we would have no cookies. I don’t know how it happens because i never remember catching them, but it always happens that when we get home from hunting there are cookies. I think the ape captures them when we’re not looking. Yours, Princess Mindy

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