Lynda Barry, Genius

lynda-barryI usually look forward to the Weekly Challenge, but today’s left me cold since I DON’T make lists. Then Marilyn Armstrong commented about whether one could tell a story with a list and I started to think about how one could — and I thought of this brilliant cartoon from the 80s. Definitely lists. Certainly a story.

6 thoughts on “Lynda Barry, Genius

  1. I’m pretty sure I wanted to mold my personality to be more desirable. I was just entirely unsuccessful at doing it. I couldn’t stop arguing and offering my opinion. I still can’t stop. I’m not sure even death will stop me.

    • I just lost interest but didn’t get that was the case and projected the loss of interest onto the guy since that’s our social mythology, that men lose interest and women bond for life. I remember when I first saw this strip in the San Diego Reader and I used it to teach process writing. 🙂

    • I guess any love story about YOUNG people is going to have this as part of it! But… if I do write the one I’m thinking about, it will include this cartoon for sure.

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