Get OUT NOW!!!!!

“Are you really me? How did I get so old so fast?”
“You really want me to tell you?”
“Yeah, maybe I can avoid it.”
“You can avoid part of it. The other? I don’t think so, and you can’t avoid genetics. But avoiding what you can will help you a lot.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You know that money you have in the bank from selling your house in City Heights?”
“Put your house in Descanso on the market right now and get OUT of here. Go somewhere with a less expensive economy. Go have as much fun as you can before that pain in your hip gets to the point where you need surgery, OK? Oh, and as for that, get a REAL doctor instead of that OD you have now. He’s stupid and cruel. If you don’t dump his ass, you’ll end up crippled…”
“WHAT? That can’t be right. He’s a nice guy. And besides. I love my house.”
“Whatever. There are other places, other houses and better mountains, Martha Ann. As for Dr. Rickets? He’s going to inflict malpractice on you that you won’t believe. Believe me. This decade ahead of you? Stuff is going to happen that you can’t stop — your brother will die. Aunt Martha will die. Your best friend Denis will die and so will your friend Linda. You think your job is going well? It’s not — get that house on the market and sell it N-O-W before the whole economy goes to shit in five years.”
“You’re serious, aren’t you.”
“Go to the Rockies, anywhere. Keep enough money in the bank so you can live on less and look around for a job. Buy a house. But get the HELL out of here.”
“I didn’t even think of the things I’m telling you until recently when I realized if I’d taken that direction, I’d have a better shot at a life in which I wasn’t constantly being push to shove. Oh, and by the way, proofread that novel. It’s abysmal. Over-written, repetitive, just awful. If you love it, do right by it.” At that I stood up, slightly bent though I am, and walked off, trying to hide the limp that resulted from having had to wait three years for surgery to repair my hip. God I hope I listen to me…

P.S. This is me trying to be a good sport — but  I guess I should have done something fictional and imaginative with the prompt instead…

9 thoughts on “Get OUT NOW!!!!!

    • I changed the post completely — I realized while I was unpacking more boxes that I had far more useful advice to give me than that. 🙂 Check it out now and let me know what you think. It has the advantage of being clearer and presenting a better picture of the rather dire reality of the years 2004 – 2014 🙂

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