Edith; La Petit Orignal

I’ve named cars, for example my 1970 VW Bug was named “Hannibal” for the brave way it carried me over the mountains in Colorado many times. I’ve named other things. In fact, I’m not sure that anything in the universe IS inanimate.

Edith is a 8 inch stuffed moose. She cost $.50 at Walmart in an after Christmas sale some years ago. My friend bought her for me from a bin as we were standing in line. This was a crappy time in my life for various reasons and, somehow, Edith really cheered me up.

Edith got her name because shortly before we met her, the film about Edith Piaf’s life came out. My friend (whom I’ve known for 20 years) and I both liked the film a lot. Somehow, Edith the Moose became conflated with Edith Piaf, probably because of her size — for a moose, she’s a “little sparrow.”

Unfortunately, Edith the Moose has a serious drug habit and for this reason, she cannot come in the house. Part of her continual rehab is that she has to stay in my car. She speaks French and she sings. From time to time she wears a burkha made of tissues and speaks Arabic. She is not like the other mooses at all. Last year she got a friend, Olaf, who is a reindeer. He adores her and does his best to keep her off the H but it’s an uphill battle for him.

Why this insane little creature and story?

I don’t know. But I have no regrets. The mind needs a chance to play and Edith is tragically hilarious, kind of like life, mais no?


17 thoughts on “Edith; La Petit Orignal

    • To get an Edith of your own, just go to Walmart, find a strange, cute and engaging bit of fluff probably made in China. Put it in your car and wait for the first song that comes on your radio. 🙂

  1. My first car was a 1972 VW Bug, but I never named it. I rarely name anything. I was mentioning this to my husband the other day. Do you think it is too late to name a vehicle I’ve been driving for ten years? The topic came up after he came home from Home Depot with Anita, a lovely palm tree.

    • What’s he like? Any bad habits? Personality problems? Edith is brilliant and talented as well as being multi-lingual, but she has such a hard time overcoming her addiction.

      • He’s pretty phlegmatic, on the whole – considers it his role in life to guard my garage key from possible marauders, except when he gets drunk and falls off his perch.
        Bod (short for Bodmin Moor), the bear who sits beside my pillow, is much more vocal. I liberated him (after due negotiation) from Jamaica Inn, where he was clearly a misfit among his conformist relations. We discuss our eccentricities at length, delighted with our mutual tolerance.

        • Nothing like a stuffed animal with an aberrant nature. I’ve had several. They can be quite entertaining. Interesting that your car bear has a drinking problem. It’s a good thing he doesn’t drive.

  2. My post is all about naming cars…but relates to your post is that my Mom named the GPS in my car “Edith Pilaf” because it could speak French. My sister’s GPS spoke Spanish, so Mom named that one “Frida Kahlo.” My GPS was built-in, but my sister’s gadget could go anywhere and, being my sister, thought hers far superior to mine. We had fun one day taking my Mom for a ride in my car with “Edith” and “Frida.” Set both to their second languages and let ’em rip. God, what chaos, but what fun! Mom was in tears, she was laughing so hard.

      • Only because we knew where we were going in the first place! Now that Mom’s gone, it has become one of my favorite memories of times spent with her and my eldest sister.

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  4. Edith Piaf came into my life, or her records, when my first marriage broke into pieces.
    I bought the records before leaving England with the last of my money and have treasured her music ever since. Loved your story! 🙂

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