Lemons are Not Always Lemons

“Life doesn’t give anyone ‘lemons’ unless they are shopping for lemons, growing lemons asking for lemons or something like that. This whole cliché is so cliché. It implies that there’s something intrinsically WRONG with lemons.”
“Lamont, I think it’s that lemons are sour and people don’t usually seek sour things.”
“Sure they do. Plenty of people buy sour gummies, eat dill pickles and LEMONS.”
“It’s just a way of saying to look at the bright side or take action to turn the bitter to sweet.”
“I get that VIMH, but maybe I don’t want to write ‘about a time’.”
“So don’t, or make lemonade out of this bitter prompt.”
“Ha ha, VIMH. You’re SO funny.”
“I try. The fact is, Lamont, I don’t think you have an answer for this prompt.”
“No, not really. I think a lot of life is making do with what you have and putting a good face on a situation that’s not ideal. I can’t think of a particular incident. I can think of times when I shouldn’t have attempted lemonade, though. But old habits die hard.”
“Seriously? You got lemons and shouldn’t have attempted lemonade?”
“Yeah. Some things are not just bitter or sour to be remedied with a little sugar. Sometimes they are B-A-D and you need to get OUT of there ASAP. For my part, it’s not easy to know the difference.”
“Do you want to elaborate on this for the reader?”
“Not really, VIMH. But I will say that having survived some of these ‘lemons’ I have been able, a time or two, to help students who were laboring under the same illusion. That matters very much. Without those lessons, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to recognize the symptoms in the lives of others and reach out my hand to help. But those aren’t lemons, VIMH. Those are not fruit at all, or if they’re fruit, they’re rotten to the core.”



5 thoughts on “Lemons are Not Always Lemons

  1. OOPH! I read this on my tablet and did not have benefit of the image! Lends a certain dimension… vividly, I might add.

    This should go on a t-shirt: “Sometimes things are B-A-D and you need to get O-U-T of there ASAP. ” I had a very hard time learning to discern lemons from bad lemons, too.

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