Hail! Hail! Hale!

“HALE? Which one?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh I guess Ben Huberman just wasn’t paying attention.”
“Who’s Ben Huberman?”
“A guy at WordPress who’s putting up the Daily Prompt.”
“Oh, Gracie. For the love of Pete. You and your stupid blog.”
“But he should spell that right, don’t you think? I mean it’s the entire TOPIC!”
“It doesn’t matter, Gracie. No one really cares and it isn’t important. You’re retired, remember? You don’t have to worry about anyone’s spelling any more. Let it go.”
“It’s difficult. I doubt that guy’s seen hail. I’ve seen hail, hail as big as cantaloup, grapefruit, cow-killing hail, town destroying hail, two nights in a row. Crawford, Nebraska — and you know what?”
“I don’t care, Grace. Let me read my email, would you? There’s a very interesting coupon here from Rite-Aid.”
“Hail always comes out of no where. Those poor guys in Russia.”
“What poor guys in Russia?”
“Those poor guys at the beach in a hail storm.”
“I was just about to read about it before you interrupted me.” Julian was miffed. “Why in hell did you get me this iPad if  you’re not going to let me use it?”

Gracie stood up from the breakfast table. She left her own iPad where her plate had been and made a brief small show of collecting the dirty breakfast dishes. As she loaded the dishwasher she thought, “Well, it’s not like I can go to school this morning and escape Julian and his bad moods.” She had a momentary beatific vision of post-adolescents staring at their phones.  “I have to stay here. Cranky old man, that’s what he is.” She returned to the dining room in silence, picked up her own iPad and took it out to the patio with a cup of coffee. She first opened her email, choosing, “New message.” She wrote, “Dearest Desmond, remember that lunch invitation? Can you meet me at 1 at Le Repas Désire? I am free all afternoon.  Á plus tard!”

She pressed “send” and then went on to write the WordPress Daily Prompt, hoping that someone who mattered would read it and correct the misspelled word. “HALE?” she wrote, “Which one?”



5 thoughts on “Hail! Hail! Hale!

  1. It is not a stupid blog, it is talented writiing – some people just do it treat it with the respect it deserves. I was lucky. The Bill gates machine corrected my wrong spelling. Actually it works overtime with my blogs. Ben is OK, I just interpret his ideas and do it my way. Wonder if he wears a WordPress t-shirt when he thinks up our prompts?

    • Gracie is just something of a pedant but I think her life is about to change drastically! (She’s not me)

  2. He spells a LOT of stuff wrong. I guess he doesn’t figure the little things like punctuation and spelling matter because he’s the guy from WordPress. Or maybe he looks stupid so we can feel smart? Nah. He just doesn’t care. I think it was NATHAN, by the way. Or Mary.

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