Stay Still Long Enough and…Vegas, Venice and China

Daily Prompt If you could clone one element from a city you’ve visited into your hometown, what would it be?

“It’s been done, VIMH.”
“What has?”
“Elements from other places HAVE been cloned. It happens all the time. Sometimes because the people have emigrated and don’t know any better than to build and think what they know and sometimes on purpose, like here:


“Even the originals of those bridges are ‘clones’.


Marco Polo brought the idea back with him to Venice from Souzhou, China…”


“Yeah. Interesting, right?”


The irony of all this is that among the most frequent visitors to Vegas are Chinese. Chinese love to gamble, and some of the best Chinese food I’ve eaten outside of China was in Las Vegas, and it is the ONLY place (outside of China) I have been able to effectively use my ability to speak and understand Mandarin. It was in a Sichuan style restaurant that had Chinese owners and very few non-Chinese customers and in which the staff spoke Chinese. I was there with the Evil X. The place was packed. When new customers arrived, they were given numbers. Our number was 80. We sat down at the bar to wait. Evil X started talking with the only other white guy there. I listened carefully as the numbers were called.

Ba shi!” said the hostess. “BA SHI!! BA SHI!” I was standing in front of her waving. She didn’t see me at first.
Zai zher! Ba shi, shi wo de!”
She stared at me in complete disbelief as did all the other people standing around me. But, so as not to lose face, she regained her composure quickly and said, “Hao, hao. Lai le, lai le.”
I motioned to the Evil X, “C’mon. Our table’s ready.”
“How in hell would YOU know?”
“I speak Chinese???”

Chinese AND, for that matter, Italian.

7 thoughts on “Stay Still Long Enough and…Vegas, Venice and China

  1. Good story! I remember seeing the London Bridge one time at Lake Havasu City, Arizona.and a Dutch Windmill in Michigan. Some will go to great lengths to bring Old Country to them. I did not know that about Vegas. One of the best places I every had Thai food was in Amsterdam. The world can be very small indeed.

    • It really is. I was in Billings, MT visiting my family several years ago. I went to the GAP to buy a sweater. The girl on the cash register asked to see my ID. Turned out she and her husband (when he was in the Navy) had lived on my very street in San Diego. She was a Crow Indian and turned out to be the granddaughter of one of the people my mom had taught at Crow Agency in the 40s. Crazy.

    • No. The Evil X only spoke English. OTHER Xs have spoken Italian, however. 😉

  2. Martha, my love,

    I’m so tickled that I know you and that you’re still making classy scenes — only these days in Chinese! Now that is high grade evolution. After I clean up the kitchen and have a seven-hour dialysis treatment tonight, I’ll read more of your deliciously imaginative stuff and maybe write ‘ya back. In the meantime, big hugs.

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