If a Tree Falls…

A man said to the universe,

“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me;
A sense of obligation.”

It’s all summed up nicely in this little poem by Stephen Crane. I remember reading that in high school and really loving it. It seemed to be telling the truth. I did not fully grasp the meaning of “universe” until I’d been out in the working world a while.

Now I know it’s never about what I need to say or want to say or should say or shouldn’t say. It’s the fact that no one really cares until it interferes with their agenda. In these days, with opinions so radically polarized, it’s even less likely anyone will hear a reasoned response or a sincere question. Also, people don’t listen very well. We can spout off in any way we want, and if no one hears, then “the tree didn’t fall in the forest”.  Having seen and heard and received the irresponsible “spouting off” of others and having done this a time or two myself, now I think to myself, “I’d better shut up or someone’s going to get hurt and that will probably be me.” A lot of trails have been worn a little more because I chose to take a hike rather than say something I’d regret.

I’d like to be here, but…

And so, O Daily Prompt, since you’re asking me to say things I have decided it’s better NOT to say…charming paradogs.


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10 thoughts on “If a Tree Falls…

  1. I definitely know that feeling right about now. I have a [coworker?] where I volunteer who is clearly incompetent for the work she’s being asked to do… and for the educational background she claims to have.

    I’m so glad I’m not in charge. This will be messier than telling an indebted college grad that he still can’t read or write above a 9th grade level.

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