Cuppa Joe

Starbuck's Verona coffee

These people might have more to say…

8 thoughts on “Cuppa Joe

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  2. My favorite daily ritual is waking up to find my WordPress account suspended. Lots of us have been experiencing this today. Mine was out for at least 12 hours. Some had been out since yesterday.

    It’s like the support staff and technicians all went on a retreat. (I wonder if that’s why Daily Post has been posting reruns this week…)

  3. Wow. I dunno. It’s a damned strange world if you ask me. Finished grading finals and uploading documents to justify my actions to my students. Interesting phenomenon in this world; students do not worry whether their professors respect THEM. My students are concerned that I know that they respect ME. :O

    • Your cup of tea photo is so aft. So often this is the break in the day where conversation takes place, or it can be a calming down, after an unexpected occurrence. Whatever it might be, a cup of tea is perfect! 🙂

      • It’s coffee — I just use cream in my coffee. And you’re right! In the photo it looks like tea!

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