8 thoughts on “Questions! (Just curious!)

  1. I don’t know if this one is the best I’ve read, but it’s good and seemingly no one outside of UNESCO has heard of it.

    My choice is “Twilight Country” by Knut Faldbakken.

    The novel presents us with people who are living in the city dump in the days when shortages of goods have overtaken civilization. It’s the environmentalist’s and anti-consumerist’s version of dystopian fiction.

  2. I haven’t read it but The Hunger Games is supposed to be great. My eldest girl read it, and a friend who is a bank manager, both sang its praises.
    I saw the movie, thought provoking.

  3. This isn’t too daring, but I suggest 1984. As a backup, I’d go with Animal Farm (even though it isn’t really futuristic). I’m all for any book that teaches youngsters to question authority.

  4. I am split between Nueromancer and Fahrenheit 451. Gibbson may not have gotten the exact ways it would impact up but was right about the fact computers would influence our daily lives and developed now common words like cyberspace and computer virus.

    And when I look at huge screen TV’s and people with earbuds plugged into their ears and brag print is a dead media I can’t help but think of Bradbury.

    • Me too. It’s especially ironic when I’m teaching that novel to people with earphones constantly plugged in and then I hear them say, “I like Clarisse!”

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