Daily Prompt: If I could Turn Back Time by Krista on April 1, 2014 If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

I’ve written this before Daily Prompt. I’d go back to the day I went with my dad to the VA hospital in Omaha, the day he told me never to do anything to hurt my brain because if my body broke somewhere down the line — as his had, with MS — I could still work, still have a good life. He was a mathematician for the government. “I was happy laying tile, MAK. Your mom talked me into finishing school. I’m glad she did.” After that I went to play ball. My dad — though weak in the heat — showed up to watch. I hit six home runs once my team came in to bat. That’s not saying a lot. It was the first ever girls’ softball league in my town. Most of the girls couldn’t hit, throw, catch or run. I, on the other hand, had, for several summers, made baseball my life and I hit balls for my little brothers’ team’s fielding practice. My dad and I had played catch for months, years. He had taken me to buy a glove at the Western Auto store, and he knew I wanted to be good, even though I was little and even though I was a girl. So, if I could, I’d play catch with my dad. That is the ONLY day I’d relive. You can imagine how hard I cried at the end of this movie.

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20 thoughts on “Corn

  1. Just calling in to say hello again – back from my sojourn in England. I was more the football type (with the round soccer ball) than the baseball type although we had a game called rounders in England which was similar, and which I was quite good at in my younger days when my limbs were moving.

    • I’m glad you’re home I hope all went OK with your dad! I liked football, too (soccer) and the other kind (controlled rugby) but baseball was just IT for me.

    • yep. I wish things like that actually happened. Just once for all of us. Wouldn’t that be something?

      • I know. I think it would make everyone better people — some people would get the chance to fix a big mistake, some people would get the chance to see a loved one again, some people would get the chance to understand what really happened in a puzzling event. It would be great.

  2. […] Childhood summers — in Nebraska where I became old enough to be independent — were (and this is not hazy nostalgia) great. My brother and I rode our bikes all over the small town where we lived. To the pool, to the movies, to the further woods — the ones not near our house. The parents got my brother into Little League, about which he could not have cared less about, but that meant baseball practice and games. His games were great, not because he was any good, but because I could stay home alone if I wanted (and did the dishes) and I could watch my favorite TV show, Lowell Thomas Presents. As time went by I began going to baseball practice with my brother because I could hit anything the coach told me to. This meant I got to hit balls for fielding practice. When the town got a girl’s softball team, I joined but that’s another story already written here. […]

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