Daily Prompt: Papa Loves Mambo, by Krista on March 20, 2014; What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

My parents had the radio on all the time and often played albums. When I was little I remember hearing one love song after another and actually asking my dad “Why are all the songs about love?” He responded, “Love is important to people. It makes the world go ’round.” Those remarks are certainly true, but I never really did like “love” songs unless I was in love. And then, you know, a big mistake (mine and others) was I looked to those songs to help me out with that huge mystery, love. Between us, the songs are not so helpful.

My dad had a wild sense of humor and my mom, uh, humored him. I love (still) Jo Stafford and Frankie Laine, but I realized that the music that had the biggest effect on me was the absurd music with some social comment and — most important — goofy words and “bad” music. I’ve always been a punk-rocker. It started with great proto-punk legends such as Roger Miller, Allen Sherman and most of all, Tom Lehrer. During the Cold War, if you couldn’t laugh at it, the Russians had won.

It’s really not that far from Tom Lehrer to…:


21 thoughts on “Punk

  1. lol! it’s funny isn’t it when you think about how everyone was ‘ The Russians have won if…’ even after the collapse, really brings back the times XD

  2. I grew up in the cold war times, but reflecting on it, it seems to be less dangerous that today. On the other hand, sorry to say it, but it is not always the Russians that have the wrong end of the stick, although I am not in the Vladimir Putin fan club. I sometimes feel we have an amateur group in the EU and am glad that Switzerland does not belong.

    • I honor Switzerland for not joining that club. But they probably had enough of being Europe’s army over the centuries.

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