It’s that Time Again/Weekly Prompt

grandpa Beall“Age feels all the more poignant because, let’s face it, time doesn’t last forever. What if you never aged, or if you were immortal? Would you choose either if you could?”

“Time does last forever.”
“This prompt says ‘…time doesn’t last forever’ but it does.”
“There is no time.”
“That’s WHY it lasts forever. It’s a paradox.”
“Pair o what?”
“Oooooh! I thought mammals.”
“Are you going to write this or not?”
“It will definitely make time stand still to write it. That’s something.”
“Yes. Are we doing the Lucky and Pozo thing again?”
“Funny, isn’t it, how that voice emerges when it’s ‘time’ to write the Weekly Writing Challenge, ta-ta-ta-TAAAAA!”
“You didn’t even do it last week.”
“No. I may not make it this week, either. Ran out of time.”
“Just write about whether you would live forever or not.”
“Without uploading a youtube video of Queen?”
“Without that.”
“I would not like to live forever if everyone I love dies. I saw the Highlander. We all experience, that, too as our family and friends begin their exits after playing their many parts and maybe playing WITH their many…”
“Don’t say it. Stop sniggering. Will you never grow up?”
“And getting old is physically not a lot of fun. I had NO fun at all being 110 back then when my hip went south with early-onset osteoarthritis. Not fun and since then, well, you know, you pay for what you get, as they say.”
“So you give mortality two thumbs up?”
“I think it’s best to like it since it’s what we have.”
“My grandfather wrote beautifully about this, as it happens, when his brother died. My grandfather was already an old man — 1948, so he was 78 years old already. My grandfather couldn’t  go to the funeral. It was in Iowa and he was in Montana, no money and so on. He wrote his nephews a condolence letter and in it he said, ‘Maybe if there was no death love would perish from the earth, and I would rather live in a world where there is love and death is sure than to live in a world without love…”
“Quite a philosophy for a guy who only finished the third grate.”
“Sheesh… Just for that…”

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23 thoughts on “It’s that Time Again/Weekly Prompt

  1. “A pair o what?”

    Your grandfather was quite a philosopher. I am not going to lie, I dread old age and dying, but rarely consider the things it affords me. Your grandfather said it perfectly.

    • Yeah — I wish I’d known him. He died — of old age — when I was 5. Dying is OK with me but old age does NOT look like a good time.

      • I get antsy thinking but aging, then I feel vain and finally determined to do something with my life.

        I don’t know, if I manage not to further damage this body of mine, I reckon I may enjoy old age. Then again, I’ll never know until I arrive on its doorstep.

      • After 50 the booby traps emerge… Muahahahaha My advice is to enjoy everything possible at all points in life. It beats the alternative which is NOT enjoying them (and/or dying). 🙂 (Always look on the bright side of life, hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm)

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