Procrastination and Coffee/Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit, January 12, 2014: Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.

I think there’s a line (not so fine) between “quirk” and “personality trait.” Procrastination is a habit that can be changed; many of our quirks are just who we are.

PROCRASTINATION is the “quirky habit” that “annoys” me most. “Annoy” is actually an understatement. I don’t like procrastination when it concerns or involves me. I’m an extremely busy person and the only way I can manage to do what I MUST and have time for what I WANT is by never putting off  anything. For this I’ve been labeled an “over-achiever” by some people. I’m not. I just learned that the only time on my watch is NOW.

I teach which means I must contend with the “quirky habits” of hundreds of people. My long experience with this “quirky habit” of students has led me to adopt the policies of never accepting late work or allowing make-ups on quizzes or exams that I’ve set up for them to take online (for which they have had MONTHS of advance warning and several days to get around to). Since most of the classes I teach are meant to prepare students for the world of work, I think time management is a big deal for them to learn. Their procrastination carries consequences. I’m often compelled to pay part of the cost as the object of their frustration and buck-passing, “I forgot all about the online quiz. It’s not fair that we can’t do make ups.” There’s a lot more raging and ranting about this on rate-my-professor.

Movie Poster Lily Dusty Rainy

A “quirky habit” I find endearing is the coffee-drinking of of my dog, Dusty. He’s a large black dog — dobie, lab and great Dane. He’s a rescue I got at the pound when he was a 7 month old puppy. I was told he could never be a pet. He’d been beaten so severely that he was traumatized, unpredictable and prone to flopping onto his back and urinating in instant submission. Still, there was something between us from that first moment. I have now had him for 8 years. He’s a ferocious (sounding) guardian of the periphery and the most affectionate dog in the world to anyone inside the frontier. Sometime in the past I happened to set my mostly empty coffee cup somewhere Dusty could reach it. He drank the dregs. Since then I’ve shared the remains of my coffee with Dusty every morning. He waits beside me until I am finished, and the cup is his. The fact that I drink coffee with cream every morning is a quirky habit of mine that Dusty finds endearing.

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13 thoughts on “Procrastination and Coffee/Daily Prompt

    • When Dusty gets his “coffee” there’s almost nothing left in the cup — less than a teaspoon of coffee and cream, and he’s a 90 pound dog. I think for Dusty it’s the thought that counts and I have the sense that in his mind, we’re sharing a moment (he’s the only dog that gets this treat).

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